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A few words from the Campaign

The Candidate

William Cagle is a libertarian. He has lived in Oklahoma all his life and grew up in district 84. He believes that liberty is the most important value in a civil society. Free people are peaceful people. Free people are prosperous people. William believes that government intrusion is the root cause of this economic downturn. With your vote, this can change. 


A free society is a civil society. While we live under the oppressive thumb of an ever-expanding government we will not see society free and peaceful. Division arises in society because the government is overbearing. Those in government sow the seeds of division because it keeps them in power. A Libertarian vote helps to usher in a change to the status quo and gives people a unified voice in government. Liberty is essential to a free and civil society. William Cagle vows to fight for liberty at all times. 


William Cagle is asking you to join this movement. You will work side by side with William to advance liberty for everyone in district 84, and ultimately all of Oklahoma.