William's Story

William Cagle is a small business owner and drives a school bus for Yukon Public Schools. On January 13 2018, William proposed to Kaitlyn Souders. She said yes. They are planning to have their wedding this December. 

He ran as a Republican for State House District 84 in 2016. He lost in the primary, but used it as an opportunity to learn. He learned just how much Republican politicians hate liberty. They continue to push for laws that limit the freedoms of the everyday people. William came to the realization that Republican and Democrat politicians are exactly the same. 

In March of 2017 William became a registered Libertarian. He ran on Libertarian principles in the last election. His views have not changed. In fact, his views have been reinforced. 

William has received endorsements from many Libertarian politicians from across the nation and some from Republicans. 

If you wish to know more about William Cagle, feel free to leave us an email with questions.